Glass To Glass (90º)



Self return from 25° (either direction)
Door load up to 45 KG

Fit for door thickness 8, 10mm
Material Brass, Stainless Steel
 Finish Bright Chrome Plated (CP)
Polished Stainless Steel (PPS)
Satin Stainless Steel (SSS)

Glass preparation detail
(The glass angle of fixed panel need to cut 45° when used in CKS 302 135° hinge)

Maximum Frameless Glass Door Dimension For CKS Shower Hinge (CKS-304)

For 10mm
Glass Thickness
With 2pcs hinges (A)
For 10mm
Glass Thickness
With 3pcs hinges (B)
Max width (W) mm 750 900
Max height (H) mm 2400 3000
Max Weight (KG) 45 67.5
For 12mm glass thickness frameless glass door compulsively use 3pcs hinges with maximum glass door weight (w) 67.5 KG only.

*Above mentioned reference are to be a general design guide only. Individual project requirements will dictate final glass specification and thickness as per different standard requirement.